My Services

I can be your go-to writer, whether you need website content, e-newsletters, blogs, case studies, white papers, email campaigns, or more. Generate more leads and stimulate sales with effective business-to-business copywriting for higher open rates, improved responses, and more conversions from your marketing materials.

Allow my experience and background as a teacher and journalist to become an additional asset for your company. I know many of your customers and what makes them tick. I understand their motivations and fears and can use that knowledge to craft inviting copy that speaks to their needs and desires.

Also, as a practicing Christian and former small church pastor for many years, I have a passionate interest in writing for the religious market, whether it's business-to-business, business-to-consumer, fund-raising, or any other promotional effort. So feel free to contact me with your questions or to discuss a potential project.


Pricing is based on the unique parameters of each project. As a professional copywriter, I do require a 50% deposit before starting any new assignment. I will gladly discuss your specific needs and provide you with a price quote and estimated timetable for your project. The following list is a partial inventory of my copywriting services:


Website Content - Whether you are creating a new website or simply refreshing an old one, I can bring life to your pages with solid headlines and clear, creative copy that conveys your brand and company personality, while also connecting with your customers and communicating your message.


Case Studies - As a career journalist, this is one of my favorite copywriting projects. It's not unlike a feature article in a newspaper or magazine. It's a factual success story of how one of your customers used your product or service to overcome a major challenge in their business. I interview your satisfied customer and tell the world how your company's product or service made them more successful.


White Papers - One of the longest, most intensive types of B2B projects, few copywriters today are up to the challenge. White papers are long-term investments that often remain as viable marketing tools for years after they are written. They require much industry research and detailed investigation into the product or services being promoted. They are weighty, authoritative marketing pieces that gain instant trust with prospects, garner industry respect, and serve as an effective lead magnet.


Email Campaigns - Nearly every B2B business in the world uses some form of email marketing to generate leads, increase market presence, and spur sales opportunities. Whether it's one email or 10, let me improve your email subject lines, open rates, and body copy to grab your prospect's attention and get better results.


Other Projects - While the above items are among the most effective and in-demand marketing projects today, they by no means represent the full scope of my services. I can also write press releases, video scripts, blogs, newsletters, sales letters, sales sheets, brochures, speeches, PowerPoint slides, and just about any other marketing project you may need for your business. My access to AWAI's library of training materials and marketing resources equips me well for any copywriting challenge. For ongoing work or repeat projects, I'm also open to discussing a monthly retainer agreement mutually beneficial to both parties.


My Process - While initial contact with most potential clients usually comes by email or telephone, serious inquires inevitably require a more substantive conversation, either over the telephone or via the internet using a video service such as Zoom or Skype. This "discovery" call is a critical step in the process of getting to know the company, its products or services, its marketing goals, and more. It's also a chance for the potential client to learn more about me and how I go about my business. It's beneficial both for the client and for me as a B2B writer.

Regardless of format, these meetings usually last between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the scope of the project(s) discussed and the depth of detail required. Only after such a meeting can I adequately assess a project and offer a firm price and estimated timetable for completion, usually by the next business day.

Upon reaching an agreement to proceed, I will begin working on the project as soon as possible after receiving the client's 50% deposit, normally in the form of a bank transfer. As the work proceeds and questions arise, additional contact with the client is usually conducted by telephone and/or email.

Upon completion of the project and submission of the finished draft to the client, I am available for up to two rounds of revisions within 30 days time. After the second round of revisions, if required, or the end of the 30 days, whichever comes first, the client shall remit the remaining portion of my writing fee.

Should the scope, magnitude, or focus of the project(s) substantially change during the course of the writing, resulting in significantly more work on my part, I reserve the right to submit a new price proposal to cover the extent of any additions or changes required by the client. Any additional charges, if necessary, will be reasonable.

As a freelance B2B writer, I also reserve the right to display the client's project in the future as part of my writing portfolio. This should be a rare occurance and exceptions can be made if the client objects for a legitimate reason.


My Process Summary:

  • Initial contact by phone or email.
  • Discovery call lasting 30-60 minutes usually by phone or internet video service.
  • Submission of price and estimated timetable for completion by the next business day.
  • Client submits to the writer a bank transfer payment equal to 50% of the total fee.
  • Writer begins work on the project(s) and submits a finished draft by the completion date.
  • Client and writer have 30 days to agree on up to two rounds of revisions.
  • After revisions or 30 days, whichever is first, the client pays the remaining 50% of the writer's fee.
  • The writer may use the client's project in his professional portfolio, unless the client objects.